The Best Backlink Plugin For WordPress

7 Aug

There is no denying that inbound links or back links are necessary for all websites. These kinds of links play a major role in making a website more competitive and reliable at the same time. They also play a key role in ranking of websites in the search engines.

Backlinks can either be collected from other websites, or they can be created with the use of powerful tools created by web developers. Keep in mind that a backlink becomes even more useful in a web page if it is relevant to the posted content and therefore, the collection of these links must ascertain quality.

We also know that running a blog is no easy task and finding the time to create backlinks is virtually impossible. However, just like with most things with WordPress, there are several backlink plugins that will make your life much easier. A backlink plugin for WordPress is designed to help you build links throughout your blog. Here are some of the most efficient ones.

KB Linker

The Kb Linker is one of the best backlink plugins you will get out there. The plugin allows you to set rules in that whenever you mention a certain word in a post; it creates a link to wherever you have its setup. Simply put, if I was targeting the keyword “dental practices”, I can set up a rule that whenever I mention “dental practices” in a post, the plugin creates a link to the page I am targeting the keyword on. With KB Linker, you can also be able to set a limit on how many links you can have in a single post.

Ultimate Blogroll

This is another efficient backlink plugin for WordPress, which can help your site achieve a higher rank in the search engine results. Websites that have implemented this plugin can be able to trade links. Link trade allows you to share your backlinks with another website owner. This plugin can do this entire process for you if you have it installed in your website. Ideally, Ultimate Blogroll will make your website more interesting in the eyes of your visitors by adding more content to share on the latest posts. The best part is that it is a free plugin, and it can be downloaded anytime anywhere.

Samson Elite

This has got to be the best WP plugin ever developed when it comes to generating hundreds of backlinks to each blog post.

There are very many WordPress backlink plugins out there, but these are among the best and my favorites. Save yourself the hassle of creating backlinks by using these amazing tools.

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