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Instantly Generate Hundreds of High PR Authority Backlinks to ALL of Your Websites & Get them Crawled on Complete Autopilot!

Please Note: Samson Elite WP plugin gets updated regularly to stay compatible with WordPress updates.

Current Version: 3.29

Over 1156 copies sold to date. Don't miss out any longer...
Top Backlink WP Plugin

"Automated Google Domination Like Never Before!"

Top SEO WordPress Plugin Hi, my name is Konrad Braun and I have been a full-time Search Engine Optimazation (SEO) professional and Internet Marketer (IM) since 2009.

I've tried every ranking strategy known to man, and although I now have plenty of top search engine rankings (in all kinds of niches), one thing is certain: Getting top Google rankings (and keeping them) is HARD - especially if you try doing all the boring link building yourself.

I know I know, you've heard people say "backlinks don't work anymore" but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the right kind of backlinks are STILL the strongest ranking factors for Google. Even Matt Cutts (head of Google's spam fighting team) will tell you this.

Backlinks are still my #1 secret to top search engine rankings and I know this to also be the case for anyone that currently has serious top Google rankings.

Even so, building decent backlinks is hard work!

Sure, you could always outsource the process and hope that someone else will build them properly, but that would first mean finding someone who would agree to do it for you, and then pay them a pretty dollar to do it.

In other words, outsourcing link building can get ridiculously expensive very quickly!

So, why not do the logical thing and automate as much of the link building process as possible?

That is the same question I started asking myself in December of 2011. I looked at some of the work my staff were doing - over and over again, day after day - and thought: Surely, there has got to be a way to automate at least some of this!

I looked at various automated backlink building software but found every one of them blasts your link to thousands of spammy sites. What's the point though? Everyone hates spam - especially Google. So who wins? No one!

It is much easier to build a lasting online empire when you build it properly from the ground up. This means saying no to questionable link building schemes - especially if they are spammy by nature.

My theory is that - if you want to win - it is a lot smarter to befriend a giant like Google then it is to pick a fight with them. This philosophy is why I still have dozens of top Google rankings today in very profitable niches!

Here's the thing: I don't make a living "creating & selling" useless internet marketing products. In fact, the only time I create products (like this one), is when I need them for my own use. In other words: If I ain't using it, I ain't selling it!

Hence, what I am offering here today is not another way for you to get millions of spammy backlinks at the click of a button. We all know such backlinks don't work anymore and will - if anything - get our sites de-indexed from the search engines.

What I do have though is a way for you to instantly generate hundreds of non-spammy backlinks to any URL you want - without even having to click a button.

That's right. Once setup, this will automatically generate dozens of high quality backlinks each and every time a new post on your WordPress blog goes live. How cool is that? Trust me... it's pretty freakin cool!

All bragging aside though...

... allow me to introduce the Samson Elite WP plugin!

What can I say: It's been a looong time in the making. In fact, I originally sold a very basic version of the plugin and sold hundreds of copies of it. People absolutely LOVED it and I got some awesome reviews to prove it (see below).

The plugin was already extremely powerful. Heck, I wouldn't even have considered selling a single copy of it had it not worked wonders for me first.

When I started getting positive testimonials from my customers, I decided to make it better - a lot better. Which is why I brought it back to the drawing board and had it rebuilt from scratch - adding dozens of new features. I am not just talking about cosmetic improvements either.

It quickly became one of the most powerful and most sought after SEO plugins of 2012 and even today it is something I take great pride in. Why? Because it still works!

The original plugin generated backlinks on a couple hundred indexing style sites. Then it turned those backlinks into an RSS feed which you could manually submit to RSS aggregators, ping sites, etc. The concept was great and customers got fantastic results using it.

I knew I could make it better though and committed to making it at least 100 times more powerful. Which is exactly what I have done with every update since relaunching the revised version in 2012.

Armed with the feedback of hundreds of users - most of whom are established SEO professionals themselves - my programmer and I turned Samson Elite into a masterpiece.

In fact, it is still...

... the top selling SEO plugin on the market today!

No, it will not rank your sites over night and certainly will not make you a millionaire by tomorrow, but what software ever truly did that? What the plugin will do though - is save you time. Lots of time!

Which is exactly why it is so popular with SEO professionals... many of whom admit they use it on all of their sites as a "solid backlink foundation to build on!"

For them it has become a must have plugin. They insists they would be missing out if I had kept the plugin to myself and I agree: It does give one an unfair advantage. Which is exactly what I was going for when I initially had it built.

How would you like to have that unfair ranking advantage with your sites? Believe it or not, you can. Not at a ridiculous price either. In fact, the one time investment would be less than the average person spends each month on coffee.

No, it is NOT a monthly subscription (although most of my customers would have no problem paying that), but simply a one time investment with a lifetime worth of free updates.

Why am I doing this?

For one, I like to get as much feedback on the tool as possible. This helps me find ways of making it even more powerful. Remember, I use this plugin on all my blogs as well!

Secondly, I actually care about your online success. Nothing makes me smile more than when people come up to me and tell me "thanks man, that was exactly what I needed!"

Here's the deal: Make the Samson Elite backlink generating plugin yours right now by clicking the "buy now" button below. I promise you will not regret it!

Once paid for, you will instantly get redirected to the download page, allowing you to have the plugin installed and slaving away for you in about 5 minutes from now.

It truly is that easy: Grab YOUR copy of the Samson Elite WP plugin here now!

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If you're still not sure this high scoring SEO plugin is for you, see what just a handful of the many happy Samson Elite users have to say. I did not ask any of them for a review and certainly did not have to incentivize them to say what they said. Meaning they genuinely meant what they said!

Customer Testimonials

I bought this from the recommendation of my friend Joe Finn and when he speaks SEO I listen. But after reading this sales page and watching the video I knew I had to have this for my sites and also my clients sites..
I know that this stuff works because I've been using High PR blogs for awhile now and they just plain work, but you've taken it a step further and are going to save me ton of time.
I can't thank you enough for making this a WSO as I know you can sell this for many times this price and people will gladly pay it. I can't wait to set it up and start using it right away.
I will get back to you when I have something more to tell you and I know it will be great.

Morris Murphy (Murph)

At this price point I cannot see any risk. If this plugin only achieved half of what I saw on the promo video I would still buy it.

So that being said I'm heading for the Buy Now button right now.

Thanks Konrad, you've just made my job a little lighter.


Definitely very powerful stuff we are looking at here. This plugin is not bringing us any spammy backlinks, but Real backlinks from authority sites on autopilot - which is a great relief for people who are afraid of needing to spend too much time on backlinking.

Providing quality backlinks is a must and seems like Samson Elite is the answer to that. Simply love products from Konrad. : )


Very powerful stuff. I use this for my own WP sites, and it even helps with indexing. Cool!

Joe Finn

OMG - How Fantastic is this plugin?!!!

If you are not sure about this, then you haven't watched the video!

I get tired of reading sales copy and even though this is one of the shortest ever (this often indicates a Mega Product, that doesn't need it - or a lousy marketer LOL)

So straight to the video for me!

1/4 of the way in and I was ready to buy !
1/2 way in and I just couldn't wait any longer!!!

Now I'm off to watch the rest.

Thanks Konrad !!!!

(If this does not become the WF Number 1 Seller of 2012 - Then I will be shocked)

Richard Young

Hi Everyone,

I am a friend of Konrad's, and DID receive a demo copy, but was NOT asked
to do a comment on his thread. : o

I would like to honestly say though, that not only is this plugin ingenious, it is going to save users boatloads of time, effort and CASH!

This is a STEAL at this price, or even a much higher price, as the ROI is completely .....

Definitely a must have!

Thanks very much Konrad for a great piece of kit here! : ) : ) : ) : )

Take care,



I've been using this wp plug-in since Konrads original launch. (I purchased so no fake review here) Outstanding value here for something that is easily & quickly implementable that will rank your site a LOT HIGHER than not having it.

I moved a local page from page 9 to page 3 with less than 100 words of content JUST by using this little beauty.



Pretty impressive claims, right?

Top SEO WP Plugin

Watch this short video for a very quick walk-through of the plugin...

Note: Though I mention 500+ URLs in the video, I have since updated the plugin and cut this down to just over 200 URLs. I raised my bar of expectations and only kept sites I thought were of top quality (this includes a list of 40+ .GOV sites).
WordPress SEO plugin

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Product Info: After paying, follow the steps and you will get redirected to the download page. There you will be able to download the plugin in .zip file format that you will be able to easily upload to your wordpress blog just like you would with any other plugin. You will also be sent an email containing your license key that you will need to put in to the plugin once installed to activate all the features.

Requirements: In order to run the plugin successfully, you will need PHP 5.2.0 or higher, MySQL 5.0 or higher, Wordpress 3.0 or higher, zlib/ZipArchive support for PHP, as well as cURL enabled server. Most professional hosting service providers meet those requirements, but do contact them if you are unsure.

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